Fish Tacos


Ingredients :

6 oz. of tilapia or sole.

(usually sold in 3 oz. portions ) .

Cut in 1/2 inch pieces

1 lime

3 tsp. salt

1 Tbl   garlic powder

1 Tbl   chili powder

4 Tbl Tomatillo sauce jar

1 avocado

1 mango very ripe

2 Tbl  red onion diced very fine

¼ cup olive oil

Jarred Jalapeno in liquid.

(4 to 6 slices of the peppers plus 1/4 cup of juice from jalapeños (any brand)

1/4 c white wine

Approx. 10 – 6 inch corn tortillas

*Marinade fish for 20 minutes as you make the salsa in a glass bowl


1/2 lime juice plus zest of the lime

1 tsp. salt

1 Tbl olive oil

1 Tbl   chili powder

Add the tilapia


1 lime  juice and zest of lime

1 Tbl   salt

1 Tbl   garlic powder

4 Tbl Tomatillo sauce jar

1 avocado diced

1 mango very ripe diced

1 Tbl olive oil

(4 to 6 slices of the peppers  plus 1/4 cup of juice from jalapeños (any brand ) .

2 Tbl red onion diced very fine

In a sauté pan add approx 1/8 c olive oil and over high heat place the tilapia strips.

**Do not use fish marinade in pan.

(Only turn fish once on each side to prevent breakage.)

Cook each side over high heat for approx. 3-4 minutes until well browned.

Add white wine to fish and let absorb for 2 minutes lowering heat.

1 Tbl  lime juice over fish

Warm the tortillas in a dry pan

Place fish; then salsa over fish.  Fold over. Makes about 10 tacos.

Keep them covered in foil until ready to serve.

Fish Tacos are a great meal on a summer evening.

You can replace tilapia with sole or grilled shrimp or any other fish like Mahi Mahi.

* You can make salsa ahead but wait 15 minutes before serving to add the avocado or salsa will turn brown quickly.

**( you can add the whole pit from the avocado to prevent browning in the salsa mixture)

Enjoy these very tasty fish treats!


Pineapple, Jalapeno and Red Pepper Dover Sole

dover sole

2 6 oz Dover Sole filets
2 tablespoons sunflower oil
1/2 red bell pepper, sliced thin
1 garlic clove, sliced thin
¼ cup of dry vermouth
1 tablespoon pineapple jalapeno sauce
Salt to taste

It’s always good to keep fish in your freezer. There are many variations to make it and it’s an easy thing to make for dinner after a long day. You can take it out of the freezer in the morning and have it ready by the end of the day to prepare and cook.

Preheat a flat skillet pan over medium heat and add in oil.

When oil is hot, add in the pepper. Then after about a minute add in garlic.

Cook for another minute then add fish and season with salt. Over high heat sear the fish on either side, about 2-3 minutes on either side.

Reduce heat and deglaze pan with dry vermouth and add pineapple jalapeno sauce. Stir with peppers and vermouth and serve.